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Since 2009, the SF Dream Leasing, Corporate Relocation, Free Landlord Leasing, Renter Finder, and Full Real Estate Sales Team has been providing complete leasing and rental services to professionals looking for the best place to live in the Bay Area. We provide a complete range of services which includes: relocation assistance for international and U.S. corporate employees, furnished and unfurnished properties, concierge services which prepare properties with food and working utilities before tenants arrive, owner-leasing services, and licensed real estate sales through the SF Dream Rental & Relocation Team.

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We Rent Tech Start-Up Live/Work Spaces!

Relocation Services San Francisco

Relocating to a new city can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the rental market or the area. Our Relocation Service in San Francisco will make your relocation a breeze. Working with a licensed real estate professional to assist in your search for a new home will ensure your transition runs smoothly.

We can turn the frustrating and lengthy process of finding a home to rent to a streamlined and effective process that is completed in a day or two. As a real estate brokerage with over 20 agents specializing exclusively in rentals, we offer a wide array of resources and talent for our clients. As experts in the Bay Area rental market, we provide access to rental opportunities custom tailored for our clients.

The rental market, especially in San Francisco, is a fast moving train, but there is no reason for it to pass you by. A fabulous property listed today will be gone tomorrow. Who better to help you with your search than a team of licensed professionals who have your best interests in mind? Regardless of the service required, we are focused on customer service and spend a significant amount of time listening to your wants and needs while educating you on the rental market. Also, as we work with rental assistance clients on a regular basis, we have developed a network of other owners and agents who can sometimes give us access to an appropriate property before it is listed.

Happy Renters, Landlords, Buyers and Sellers!

  • The folks at SF Dream Rental and Sales Team are truly exceptional. They have gone above and beyond what I would expect from any rental agent. The level of professionalism, their wide network and most important the speed at which they work is impressive on all fronts. I highly recommend them and will be using them for a long time to come!

    3 Clarence Place, San Francisco, CA
    Four Level Loft $14,950.00 a month
  • The SF Dream Rental & Relocation Team are great to work with and they truly care about the Landlord and the Renter!

    They rented my brand new Flat for $7,000.00 to a great Relocation Renters! Owner-Sondra
  • Mark rented my home in Pacific Heights for $22,000.00 a month for a year and now he is renting it again for me!   I live in London and I can count on Mark Venegas and his SF Dream Rental & Relocation Team.

    I will continue to use Mark and the SF Dream Rental & Relocation Team as my Luxury Rental Agent for my home in Pacific Heights.